Faculty Of Management Studies


The Pokhara University School of Management (Business) is an institution rich in resources with a strong band of faculty and competitive graduate and undergraduate students. A leading constituent business school of Pokhara University, the Faculty of Management Studies, in efforts to maintain quality education, consistently focuses on academic growth and professional competence of individual students. Its faculty and staff are committed to enhance students’ communication skills by recognizing learners’ challenges at the university and the workplace.


to take a leading position in the higher education in management in a competitive business world.


  • provide quality based programs in different areas of administration and management to meet needs and demands of an increasing global market and complex business world
  • focus on the “real” world of employment, underpinned by an international research capability based on academic excellence and practical business relevance
  • offer business and management courses that combines a thorough grounding in both management theory and practice with the opportunity to specialize in accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing and international business

Goals and Objectives

  • produce market-driven and service-oriented managers and executives with various level of competence through teaching, learning and research
  • link the PU system with the community and the business world by preparing business graduates with positive attitudes and constructive minds
  • equip youths with managerial skills and professional expertise to face unprecedented levels of complex operational challenges both at home and aboard


The twenty-first century has witnessed uninterrupted expansions in global economics, rapid changes in business systems and technologies, and increasing concerns in business ethics. Pokhara University, therefore, believes that it is the responsibility of any service-oriented private or public organization to respond to these global concerns. The Faculty of Management Studies has the vision to address these issues and, thus, serve the best interest of people and the global community.

Salient Features of the Program

  • internationally focused programs incorporating both the wisdom of the world’s scholars and the real world experience of leading professionals
  • the faculty comprised of prominent scholars and researchers with a rare blend of outstanding academic credentials and professional experience in business and service sectors
  • integrated and interdisciplinary approach combining a modern business curriculum with a strong foundation in the arts and sciences


Academic Programs

Pokhara University has offered the following Master and Bachelor Programs under the Faculty of Management Studies:

  1.         Master of Business Administration
  2.         Master of Business Administration (Global Business)
  3.         Master of Business Administration (Finance)
  4.         Master of Business Administration – Executive
  5.         Master of Health Care Management
  6.         Master of Computer Information System
  7.         Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management
  8.         Bachelor of Business Administration
  9.         Bachelor of Health Care Management
  10.      Bachelor of Hotel Management
  11.      Bachelor of Computer Information System
  12.      Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance
  13.      Bachelor of Business Administration in Travel and Tourism


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