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Hairhar Sanskrit Vidyapeeth

Harihar Sanskrit Vidyapeeth is situated at Khidim Pokharathok of Arghakhanchi district. Khidim is a famous place in terms of  educational development. Social worker late Harihar Gautam established Harihar Pathshala  in 1981 to teach Durgakavach,Chandi,Rudri,Veda,Vyakarna and Jyautish. Pandit Dadhiram Marasini handled Harihar Pathshala from where hundreds of   scholars were produced. Established as a constituent Vidypeeth of  Nepal Sanskrit University, the then  Mahendra Sanskrit University,in academic year 2055/56  Harihar Sanskrit Vidyapeeth runs Uttermadhyama  classes in following subjects.

Uttermadhyama level:

Compulsory Subjects:    Sanskrit, English,Nepali , Nepal Parichaya

Classical Subjects:          Navyavyakarna , Jayutish, Sahitya ,Neetishastra

Modern subjects:            Nepali, English, Economics

For further contact:


Shalik Ram Paudel

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Janata Sanskrit Vidyapeeth

Janata   Vidyapeeth  has a long historic tradition in Sanskrit education. Located at Bijauriin Dang District  Janata Vidyapeeth runs  Uttermadhyama classes in classical/modern subjects,Science and Ayurveda; Shastri  classes in Sanskrit /modern subjects  and Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and surgery,B.A.M.S., and one year B.Ed  .Before  Nepal Sanskrit University, the then Mahendra Sanskrit University came to existence in 2043 it was run under  the affiliation of Varanaseya Sanskrit  University, India . Majganya  family  donated 1336 Bighas of fertile land in Deukhuri  for the promotion of Sanskrit education and tradition. Contribution of Jageswor Brahman, Dattatreya Sharma, Ganesh Kumar Sharma,Tek Nath Gautam, and  Amar Raj Sharma  in consolidating Sanskrit Education is reamarkable. In 2018 Tribhuvan University provided recognition to  Janata  Mahavidyalaya and after the 2022 historic spiritual conference and 2024 Scholastic conference the then Janata Mahavidyalaya  started  Acharya Classes in 2026 as a part of  infrastructure building for the then  Mahendra Sanskrit University. AS a result TU undertook the whole responsibility  for the  smooth functioning  of Janata Mahavidyalaya  under Institute of Sanskrit, Office of the Dean.

Extended in about 6 Bighas of land , Janata Vidyapeeth has its own administrative building, teaching buildings, library,laboratory, and hostel. Its library has a large stock of around 12000 books .Students  can study following subjects as per their interest.




Compulsory subjects

Classical Subjects

Modern Subjects



Sanskrit, English, Nepali, Nepal Parichaya

Shuklayjurveda Navyavyakarna Sidanta Jyautisha, Sahitya, PrachinNyaya

 Nepali, English, Pol. Science, Maths, Economics


Uttermadhyama Science(I.Sc)

Sanskrit,English, Nepali, Nepali and Bhashik Shilpakala Parichaya

Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics


Uttermadhyama Ayurveda

Sanskrit,English, Nepali, Nepal Parichaya




Sanskrit,English, Nepali

Shuklayjurveda,NavyavyakarnaFalit Jyautisha, Sahitya and Dharma Shastra

Nepali,English, Pol.Science, Economics


One Year B.ED

Foundation of Education, Education Psychology

Sanskrit  Education

 Nepali,Social Studies, English, Mathematics


Departments and their respective heads in Janata Vidyapeeth are given in the box.




Head of the Department


Vyakarna &Nyaya

Associate Prof.Dr. Saraswoti Pokhrel


Sahitya &Compulsory  Sanskrit

Associate Prof.Ganesh Pandeya


Jyautisha &Dharmashastra

Prof.Shreedhar Sharma Majgainya


Nepali &English

Associate Prof. Babu Ram Acharya


Political Science and Economics

Prof.Rhishav  Gautam



Lecturer Tika Ram Newpane


For further information contact:

Associate Prof Madhav Adhikari    
 Janta Sanskrit Vidyapeeth  Bijauri, Dang
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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