Post Graduate Degree in Police Science Mission and objective of PGDPS The…
Masters in Travel and Tourism Management The Master of Tourism Management is…

Master In Public Administration

13 May 2016
2626 times
Masters in Public Administration The objective of the Master's Degree programme in…

Master In Hospitality Management

13 May 2016
2135 times
Masters in Hospitality Management The mission of the MHM program is to…

Master Of Finance And Control

13 May 2016
648 times
MASTER OF FINANCE AND CONTROL (MFC) Introduction The Faculty of Management of…

Master In Business Studies

13 May 2016
711 times
Master in Business Studies Programme Objectives The objective of the MBS programme…

Master Of Business Management

13 May 2016
222 times
Master of Business Management Program Highlights- Master of Business Management (MBM) First…
Master in Business Administration The MBA program is implemented by the autonomous…

Master Of Philosophy

13 May 2016
240 times
Master of Philosophy The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) program is designed to…

Master Of Law

13 May 2016
206 times
Master of Law LL.M. is a two-year post graduate program started by…

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

13 May 2016
201 times
Bachelor of Law Legal education received by the people can influence the…

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